Advertisement Rates & Sizes
Full color
Black & White +
1 color
Black & White
Double page spread (554 x 366 mm)
EUR 7440
EUR 4500
EUR 3470
Full page (264 x 366 mm)
EUR 5310
EUR 3220
EUR 2480
Half page (264 x 180 mm)
EUR 2970
EUR 1840
EUR 1410
Junior page (174 x 240 mm)
EUR 2400
EUR 1470
EUR 1130
Quarter page (130 x 180 mm)
EUR 1560
EUR 1010
EUR 780
1/8 page (130 x 88 mm)
EUR 850
EUR 650
EUR 490
1/16 page (130 x 42 mm)
EUR 600
EUR 400
EUR 250

All Rates are inclusive of VAT.
Publication schedule and deadlines:
Booking deadline: on the 15 date of the month prior to the month of issue.
Material deadline: on the 25 date of the month prior to the month of issue.
Date of issue: on the 15 date of each month.
Position Surcharge: 10% for placement on specific pages/positions by prior arrangements only.
Discounts: For orders placed for more than 3 month period.
Inserts are accepted and priced by weight and circulation.

Technical Requirements
Newspaper Format 290 mm wide x 410 mm high
Type Area 264 mm wide x 366 mm high
Printing process Rotary offset
Screen 175 lpi

Printing Materials: Digital copy for Macintosh and PC.

File Format: EPS, QuarkXPress 4.x (Mac/Win) files, TIFF or JPG files (resolution 300 dpi) .
In case the layout needs translation please provide preview in original language plus the layout clear of text.
In case your layout requires any adjustments please provide it as original Quark file.
If you are sure that you do not need any changes in your layout please provide the ready layout as PDF, TIFF,
EPS or JPG file with resolution 300 dpi.

Lay-outs production:
Free production is provided (clients to supply images, logos, text and corporate color in CMYK).

Data Carriers:CD.

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